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Dr. Borja Figueirido

Welcome to the website of Borja Figueirido, Associate Professor (2012-) at the Palaeontology group of the Department of Ecology and Geology in the University of Málaga (Spain). My research focuses on Evolutionary Ecomorphology & Palaeobiology.

I study living and fossil mammals as model organisms, focusing on placental and marsupial carnivores, and my particular interest is the exploration of the role of natural selection in the evolution of phenotypic shape and performance. My main goal is to extrapolate ecomorphological indicators to extict species for inferring paleobiological aspects in relation to feeding preferences, locomotion mode and predatory behaviour.

I use 2D and 3D multidimensional shape data to characterize the osteological features of the skull and skeleton, and I identify feeding and locomotory adaptations that are validated with 3D computational modelling and biomechanics.

The macroevolutionary perspective offered by the fossil record allows me to investigate the evolutionary change in relation to climate change and environmental transformation.

Using the information coded in ancient rocks, we may gain a better understanding of the impact of current anthropogenic climate on the living world.

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